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Ensembles.com is seeking an entrepreneur to operate its business.

If you have the experience, resources that would make you the perfect entrepreneur to operate Ensembles.com we would like to hear from you.



is a great brand for the right ensembles, quartets, orchestras, chamber music ensembles agency. There are a multitude of events from banquets to weddings in needs of these agencies to assemble the right ensemble for the occasion. Ensembles: One reliable address.


If you know what you would do with such an opportunity we would like to hear from you. Better yet if you seriously could  do it.

Contact us at your earliest convenience. We will be glad to discuss this with you.

Best Regards,

Gilles Lavoie
(514) 864 5447
1 Place Ville-Marie, suite 2001
Montreal, QC



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